the Gymatorium at providence classical school

Providence Classical School successfully acquired a distinguished Art Deco school building in 2013, with a commitment to preserving its historical significance, optimizing the space for educational purposes, and upholding the architectural heritage within Downtown Huntsville.

A key objective was to enhance the property by incorporating a gym facility while replacing an existing auditorium that no longer met the specific requirements of Providence Classical School. Situated in the Historic District of Huntsville, the project faced challenges imposed by site constraints and stringent design guidelines. Consequently, a strategic decision was made to create a new, versatile space – a Gymatorium – seamlessly integrating both a gymnasium and an auditorium. The design of the Gymatorium was meticulously executed to meet the mandated high school gymnasium standards while ensuring ample seating for various school events and assemblies.


School/Recreation Facility

Project Location
Huntsville, AL


General Contractor

A Historic Landmark in Huntsville adapted to meet all the needs of a growing community and School as well as staying true to the original design
Height differentials in materials, forms, and architectural elements were thoughtfully employed to modulate the building’s scale. Drawing inspiration from the historical Art Deco style, the new Gymatorium harmoniously fused with the existing school fabric, reflecting a meticulous blend of tradition and modern functionality. Spanning approximately 13,600 square feet, the project also encompassed 2,900 square feet of minor renovations to the existing structure, contributing to a seamless aesthetic integration of the new space.
This state-of-the-art Gymatorium boasts a regulation High School Gym, a modest stage, well-appointed restrooms, storage facilities, and a fully equipped catering kitchen. By synergizing the historic charm of the original building with contemporary aspirations, the collaboration between Providence Classical School and the accomplished team at Matheny Goldmon Architecture + Interiors resulted in the creation of a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. The Gymatorium seamlessly blends into the Historic District of Huntsville, Alabama, evoking a sense of timeless congruence as if it had always been an integral part of the cultural landscape.