English Arts & Crafts Residence

English arts & Crafts Residence Located in the Ledges of Huntsville Mountain community, this 8,000-square-foot Private Residence has been meticulously detailed to evoke the warmth and charm of the English Arts & Crafts tradition.  Designed for a prominent local chef/restauranteur family, the kitchen and dining experiences offered by the home were of paramount consideration and […]

Adirondack Great Camp

Adirondack Great Camp Located in Guntersville, Alabama, this project began with a journey. Architect H. Paul Matheny accompanied the homeowner to the Adirondacks in Northeastern New York to draw inspiration and gain practical insight into the design techniques and construction methods which would be typical of a late 19th century Adirondack Great Camp. Category Single […]

Tudor Estate

Tudor Estate Completed in 2017, this residential estate was designed in the Tudor Style, which originated in England in the 1500s and revived in the United States in the early 1900s.   At approximately 12,000 square feet, this home features elaborate masonry fireplaces, decorative half-timbering, and high-pitched slate roofs characteristic of the style. Combining all […]

Red Oak Ranch

Red Oak Ranch A unique fusion of farmhouse and hunting lodge, this 7,000 square foot home was designed to be the ideal spot for outdoor activities and relaxing with family and friends. Poplar bark, reclaimed barn wood, and stone are the primary exterior building materials, with white trimming and galvanized metal roofing to provide a […]

French Victorian Residence

French Victorian Residence Influenced by a style typically constructed in the late nineteenth century, this home pays tribute to both past and present. This “French Victorian” residence features elaborately detailed masonry, a blend of spice elements, and timber framed features, which are characteristic of this style typically constructed in the late nineteenth century. Category Single […]

Tennessee Rose Farm

Tennessee Rose Farm Located among the rolling hills of  Tennessee, the farm is home to many  animals alongside its owners. “Rustic elegance” defines the desired aesthetic for the house and this theme is reflected in every material selection. Antique oak flooring, quartzite countertops, pecky cypress, hand forged iron and many durable fabrics together create an […]