River Front Condos Decatur, Alabama

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Approximately 20,000 Square Feet

Located on a small parcel, in the mixed use Decatur Riverfront Development, Waterfront Investments wanted to build a condominium that maximizes views facing the Tennessee River, and the adjacent City Park. This design incorporates a 12 unit, 4 story, 20,000 SF residential condominium with front porches. Capturing views to the Tennessee River, the porches allow main interior gathering spaces to be expanded both visually and spatially while providing protection from direct sun and rain. In order to meet budget requirements, a variation of durable masonry was used along the base of the building, where in contact with cars and people. Along the second through fourth floors, hardy siding and trim were used for their durability, color variation, and detailing. Parking provides a buffer between the residential condominium and adjacent mixed-use commercial building, and an existing railroad along the front.